Best Bridesmaids Dresses

Whenever I am asked to plan a wedding for someone, the question that most brides will ask about is what type of bridesmaid dresses they need to get for their friends. The truth is that all bridesmaids want the entire wedding party to look great, but they also do not want anyone to upstage them by any means. And that means trying to find a compromise between having the bridesmaids look really bad or them looking even better than the bride. So how to overcome these issues?

The philosophy I always take with my wedding planning is that you need something that is a little different from what the bride is going to wear. So if your bride is going with something traditional, which means a gorgeous white wedding dress, then maybe blue bridesmaid dresses are the best option. In these situations, having a complete color contrast between the bride and the bridesmaids can really save the day. These dresses are going to leave the bridesmaids looking stunning, but the bride is the only person who is wearing a gorgeous light colored dress, which means she is going to stand out above anyone else. And blue bridesmaid dresses are so great that the bridesmaids are going to love them.

So when you are in the midst of your wedding planning, do not go into the rabbit hole of trying to make the bridesmaid dresses really ugly. Instead focus on creating some contracts so the bride is the only who stands out on her big day.